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Parker Bridge Recruitment is widely respected as one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing and reputable recruitment agencies. With a structure focused on providing specialist recruitment across industrial, finance, information technology, FMCG industries and contract and payroll services, our reputation and commitment to providing superior services is backed up by 45+ years experience.

Connecting the right talent is much more than just a simple placement. For us, ensuring you have the best possible experience is pivotal to our ongoing success as exceptional recruiters.

With offices in Thailand, Malaysia, Eastern Seaboard, Auckland, Wellington and Sydney, a wealth of industry awards, a genuine commitment to deliver excellence and a passion for what we do, we simply are...the best find in recruitment.

Finding the right people can be time consuming and difficult to navigate. By choosing to work with Parker Bridge Recruitment you not only get the benefit of our many years of experience and local knowledge—you get the insight of our recruiters who are committed to working for you and the flexibility and true responsiveness of a specialised recruitment agency.


Our core belief - why training?

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Parker Bridge constantly offers training and professional development programs for our consultants. Everybody goes through Training Academy, and our development programs.

Developing your employee’s skills doesn’t just lead to an improvement in the quality of their work. According to an article in Fortune magazine, 45% of the 226 employers surveyed mentioned “greater emphasis on training and development” as important to their employee retention strategies. It was even more important for employees when considering staying long term at a company than financial factors. 


Benefits of working with Parker Bridge

Today’s marketplace is a movable feast and we understand that ‘one size does not fit all’. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, tailored service, exceeding your expectations and saving you time and money!

Our commitment to our clients ensures you get:

  • Introduction to the highest calibre industry talent.

  • Routine client consultations, detailed job specifications and CV guarantees.

  • Meticulous interviewing, referencing and testing of candidates.

  • Comprehensive state of the art search techniques.

  • Engaged and consultative communication.

  • Service guarantees that backup our promise of quality.

  • Executive and retained search options to connect you with highly skilled candidates with proven track records.

We continue to adapt our account management style to best reflect our desire to partner with successful organisations | We are sophisticated in our approach, ensuring we understand your operation.

Our reputation in the market means we attract the best candidates, giving you a competitive advantage.


Parker Bridge Executive Intro

PB Executive Intro is an innovative digital recruitment process provided by Parker Bridge Recruitment (via an exclusive partnership with our UK software partners), that offers a radically different way to recruit.

Combining advanced technology and cutting-edge methodology with in-depth candidate assessment, PB Executive Intro streamlines the recruitment process for clients. Using interview style Q&As, video technology and psychometric assessment that allows employers to ‘meet’ the candidates remotely. Crucially, it has been measured to deliver employer retention rates of 96% after 12 months. Visit:

What this means for you...

  • More Certainty: Research and assessment processes are so refined that 96% percent of candidates placed are still in employment 12 months on.

  • Greater Accuracy: Extensive behavioural assessments allow us to compile in-depth profiles on every candidate, eliminating the guesswork from the recruitment process

  • Reduced Commercial Downtime: Considerable time is spent on the prescreening process, utilising video interviews and key competency questionnaires – so no time is wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates.

  • Easy Online Access: Reviewing your candidate shortlist is fast and easy – delivering comprehensive, online profiles that are easily shared with other interested parties.

  • Fewer Headaches: The PB Executive Intro process is so reliably accurate that the risk of a bad hire is significantly reduced.


Graduate Scheme

The Graduate Scheme is a program in assisting career development for all Thai Gradates returning back from universities in UK, while offering organisations in Thailand the opportunity to gain access to such high quality UK Educated Thai Graduates who are the potential superstars in playing an important role in the future growth and success of organisations. Visit:

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