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Brighton College Bangkok opened in Thailand in September 2016 and is the sister school of Brighton College, England's top co-educational school, and the third member of Brighton’s international family.

Brighton College’s unique approach to education, which emphasises excellence, the individual, tolerance and creativity - also characterises Brighton College Bangkok. Above all, a Brighton College education will offer all of its pupils a caring, supportive and inspirational environment in which they can thrive and develop a lifelong passion for learning.

This unique combination translates into unrivalled academic success with Brighton College UK achieving the best A-Level results of any co-educational school in the UK. This academic excellence also extends into the overseas schools. The Brighton Colleges in the Middle East are now the two top ranked schools in Abu Dhabi and have achieved the best IGCSE and A-level of any international school in the region. This year in excess of 40 pupils from across the Brighton College family of schools went on to study at Oxbridge, and many more to universities in both the UK and the US that appear in the top 20 global rankings.

A LevelsMuch of the impetus for this comes from having the highest possible expectations for all our pupils. Many schools will place a ceiling - consciously or otherwise - on what they expect children to achieve. They will look at their curriculum or examination syllabus, decide the skills and knowledge base they would like their pupils to develop, and once they have met these targets they will consider their task to be completed. At Brighton College our expectations for each and every child are constantly revised, on a monthly, weekly and even a daily basis, to ensure the highest levels of academic progress - even for those children who are consistently excelling in all areas of the curriculum. This requires us to know our pupils incredibly well. At Brighton College, smaller class sizes allow teachers throughout the school to know each child’s strengths and talents, to get the best out of them and to fill them with the ambition they need to succeed.

High expectations and academic rigour require talented and inspirational teachers who can develop independence in their pupils by consistently challenging them in a comfortable, safe, supportive and nurturing environment. At Brighton College Bangkok we have appointed exceptional teachers who have flourished in our sister schools or other world-renowned British independent schools. We have also appointed teachers who have excelled in fields outside education. These are ambitious and highly professional teachers who are able to inspire their pupils, to teach them to be independent and to urge them to think and to question, to lead and to innovate.

Teaching _newBrighton College also focuses on educating the whole child through a rich programme of co-curricular activities encompassing a plethora of academic interests, cultural pursuits, sports, music and the dramatic arts. It also goes a step further than this by providing children with a balanced life in school as we believe that children learn best when they are happy. Our greatest academic successes in the UK and overseas have come during a period where we have asked our parents to stop using private tutors for their children after school (a practice we had never actively encouraged) and where we have focused on providing a lower quantity of higher quality prep or homework. Stressed and overworked pupils do not tend to excel. In short, happiness is the prerequisite to success.

Music _newThe notion of providing pupils with a balanced life in school is further enhanced through the House System - a uniquely British independent school creation. At Brighton College our House System reaches into all areas of pupils’ academic and pastoral lives within the College, and indeed beyond, through linked Houses in our network of sister schools. This provides children with a caring family within the College, nurturing them to become the very best version of themselves. Brighton College Houses are small communities where each pupil can know others, across all year groups, and be known. Each House has its own purpose built space, ethos and identity but within a common framework for the pastoral support of the pupils

Brighton College has developed an international reputation for innovation, from being the first school to have a dedicated science laboratory and the first school to have a gymnasium, to more recent innovations such as the teaching of entrepreneurship, compulsory Mandarin, the developing a highly innovative wellbeing programme, and not least by creating our own unique, integrated humanities subject, The Story of Our Land.  This bespoke course combines elements of history, geography, economics, sociology, politics and philosophy in a context that is both fresh and relevant to the lives of our pupils. This innovative content is in the 'DNA' of our curriculum.

This innovative approach also extends into the design of the purpose-built, greenfield campus at Brighton College Bangkok. Extending over 20 acres, all facilities will be built to ISI standards. The Nursery and Pre-Prep are characterised by their large, airy classrooms, themed open-plan spaces for learning through play and exploration, a wading pool and large library. The Prep School will combine traditional classrooms with inspirational breakout spaces and will include dedicated science labs, art and design technology rooms, language labs and music suites. These reflect the specialist teaching in this part of the College. The Senior School will have a wealth of cutting edge resources housed in an iconic building which makes superb use of space and is flooded with light.

BCB CampusLinking all the academic buildings together is the unique Learning Resource Centre which flows from the Pre-Prep through to the Senior School. This facility will include spaces for collaboration, creativity, quiet study, small group presentations and performances, tying together learning across the whole campus. The Learning Resource Centre opens onto outdoor learning spaces, which will encourage pupils to learn from the natural world. The Performing Arts Centre will house a 650 seat theatre, dance studios, rooms for musical instruction and practice and art and design rooms, all of which will actively promote the importance of art in the lives of our pupils; one of Bright College’s core values.

Pre -Prep _newBrighton College’s reputation as one of the top sporting schools in the UK will be firmly embedded in Brighton College Bangkok. The Sports complex will include an Olympic-sized 50 metre swimming pool, an IOC-approved 400 metre athletics track, large sports hall, gymnasium and sports pitches. These reflect the expectation that sport will form an integral part of a pupil’s life at Brighton College Bangkok and that our pupils will leave us with a love of participating in sport that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Indeed, a combined focus on high expectations, traditional academic rigour, an innovative curriculum and a balanced life for pupils epitomises the Brighton College ethos and ensures all pupils become highly literate, numerate, articulate, self-assured and fully prepared not only for entrance into the leading universities and professions but to embrace any challenges that the future may bring.

Brighton College Bangkok will have capacity for a maximum of 1,500 boys and girls aged between two and 18. Currently the Pre-Prep School is open and the Prep and Senior Schools will commence in September 2017. 

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