Foreword from Brian Davidson, HM Ambassador to Thailand

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Brian Davidson PhotoBritish merchants, entrepreneurs and companies have played a defining role in the relations between the UK and Thailand for more than 400 years. The merchant ship, The Globe, arrived in the Kingdom of Siam in 1612, and received a warm, Royal welcome from King Songtham. We have not looked back since.

Thailand is an important partner for UK business. And UK business matters for Thailand. Thais value the quality of British goods and services, the integrity of British business people, and the long-term commitment of British companies to the country, through fair weather and foul.

The commercial partnership between our two countries is once again going through an important phase for both of us. Thailand has bold ambition to upgrade its economy. It wants higher value-added manufacturing, to become the logistical hub for mainland ASEAN, to be home to greater digital and R&D-led economic activity. 

At the same time, Thai appetite for a wide range of mechanical equipment, food and drink products, and high-end retail remains strong. Tourism is the fastest growing sector in the economy, which means the Thai market continues to become more and more diverse.

UK companies offer world-class solutions to Thai requirements across a uniquely wide range of sectors. Thailand welcomes British innovation and creativity, hand-in-hand with British quality and integrity.

Thailand’s drive to upgrade its economy comes at the same time as the UK is looking at its own commercial relationships with the world. I am keen to see more UK companies looking seriously at the opportunities that Thailand offers. The Department for International Trade (DIT) team at the Embassy, together with the Business Services team at the British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (BCCT) stand ready to help new exporters to understand the Thai market and to find the right partners.

The BCCT marks its 70th anniversary in 2016. Newcomers to the Thai market have the chance to benefit from the confidence, wisdom and energy that a network of 70 years’ standing offers. With a membership of over 600 companies of all sizes and expertise, the BCCT is in a unique position. It offers its members opportunities to network commercially, to learn about the latest market trends and regulatory changes, and to have off-the-record access to key decision-makers. This is a network where new exporters can easily find someone who knows someone who can help. 

As the new British Ambassador in Thailand, I arrive here at a time of great change, and great opportunity, for both our countries. I look forward to seizing this moment in close partnership with new and existing exporters.

Brian Davidson
HM Ambassador to Thailand


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